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9-A Construction Contract (PSCA Version)     July 2006
9-B Performance Bond (PSCA Version) August 2001
9-C Payment Bond (PSCA Version) August 2001
9-D Modification to the Construction Contract, Adjustment of Severable Payments      July 2006
9-E Modification to the Construction Contract, Adding the Alabama Public School & College Authority As Co-Owner      July 2006
9-F Modification of the Performance Bond and Payment Bond, Adding, as Co-owner, the Alabama Public School & College Authority August 2001
9-G Invoice Checklist August 2001
9-H Certification of Compliance, Title 41: Public Contracts August 2001
9-I Material Receipt August 2001
9-J Change Order (PSCA Version)     July 2006
9-K O A Agreement (PSCA Version)     July 2006
9-L Amendment (PSCA Version)     July 2006
9-M School Plaques August 2001