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Pursuant to section §41-16-72 of the Code of Alabama, as amended, the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) is soliciting qualifications from design professionals licensed in the State of Alabama to provide basic design services for a facility for the ACCS Innovation Center to be located near Decatur, Alabama.

Project General Description and Scope: The scope of the project is to renovate an existing building of approximately 18,000 square feet including a Simulation Lab, Classrooms and Collaboration Areas, Offices, Renovation of the Exterior and Façade, Entry, Lobby, Restrooms, Elevator, and Circulation Corridors. The project includes emphasis on delivering a fully integrated facility in a functional and economical manner.

The estimated construction budget for this project is $2,400,000.

Form of Agreement and Scope of Services: The form of agreement will be Division of Construction Management standard forms B-2 and B-2A and the scope of services will include Services A, B, C, D, and E as described therein. The executed agreement will include signed Disclosure Statement and required E-VERIFY certification forms.

Qualifications: Applicants should have significant design experience with projects of similar program requirements. ACCS will select the most qualified design professional as outlined in the Manual of Procedures, 2001 edition, provided by the Division of Construction Management. Recognizing the composition of Alabama’s citizenship, ACCS encourages proposals from design professionals that represent Alabama firms with diversity in their staffing, proposed project team, and associated design professionals and consultants.

All applicable State of Alabama Division of Construction Management documents and procedures, as well as any other applicable requirements from funding sources, shall be utilized on this project. §41-16-82, of the Code of Alabama requires a disclosure statement to be completed and filed with all proposals, bids, contracts, or grant proposals submitted to the State of Alabama in excess of $5,000.00. The form is available online at

§31-13-1, of the Code of Alabama, (Alabama Immigration Law) imposes conditions on the award of state contracts. Firms must agree to fully comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, as amended by the Immigration Act of 1990, and the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act. Construction management firms should review and adhere to these guidelines as appropriate to their project type. For additional information on this subject, please refer to the Division of Construction Management bulletins.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria: Selection by the Alabama Community College System - ACCS shall be based on factors which may include, among others, the following:

a. Demonstrated experience and competence of the proposed project team with similar projects within the past five years.
b. Record of past performance and related experience on projects of similar size and scope regarding quality of work, timely performance, ability to meet budgets, and other related items. c. Location of proposed team’s office relative to project site.
d. Previous experience working on State of Alabama projects.
e. Familiarity of proposed team with conditions, codes, and other ordinances where such knowledge is essential to the proper performance of the contract regarding security procedures, owner’s work schedule requirements, and other regulations for work at this facility.
f. Documented success in construction cost management, thorough and timely services, and accurate document production will be considered in the evaluation of proposals.

This request for qualifications is not an offer to contract but seeks the submission of proposals from qualified, professional respondents that may form the basis for the negotiation of an agreement. It is the intent of ACCS to select at least three A/E firms from those submitting proposals for further and more detailed evaluation and review by a committee. ACCS reserves the right to award a contract to one or more selected entities, reject any or all proposals and to solicit additional proposals, through the RFQ process, if that is determined to be in the best interest of the State of Alabama.

Response: Interested professionals should submit a letter of interest, statements of qualification utilizing GSA Standard Form 330 for the architectural firm and civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing consultants, Disclosure Statement, plus any other relevant information.

Proposals must be delivered no later than 4:00 p.m. (Central Daylight Time) on February 1, 2019.

Submit five (5) copies of the required proposal information:

Mr. Christopher Alexander, ACCS Director of Virtual Programs
C/O Mrs. Sheila Smith
Alabama Community College System
Facilities Division

Physical Address:
ACCS System Office
135 South Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 302130
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2130

Questions and or information related to delivery of qualifications shall be directed to Mrs. Sheila Smith via email at .