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Pursuant to §41-16-72 of the Code of Alabama, as amended, Snead State Community College seeks proposals from qualified architectural firms licensed in the State of Alabama to provide full design and engineering services for the renovations to the McCain Building located on their campus in Boaz, Alabama.

Project Description: In order to provide a quality on-campus experience for its students, Snead State Community College has determined that its McCain Building does not adequately meet the demands of the institution and it mission. Consequently, the building will undergo an extensive renovation and upgrade.

Firm Qualifications: The responding firms should satisfy the following requirements:
1. Firms should have an established record of completing similar services packages for large higher education clients ($5,500,000 minimum project cost)
2. Firms should have experience completing projects of similar scope in the publicly bid environment utilizing Alabama Building Commission guidelines.
3. Firms should demonstrate a high level of success and owner satisfaction in conducting similar services packages.
4. All applicable State of Alabama Building Commission documents and procedures, as well as any other applicable requirements from funding sources, shall be utilized on this project. Act 2001—955 requires a disclosure statement to be completed and filed with all proposals, bids, contracts, or grant proposals submitted to the State of Alabama in excess of $5000.

Act 2011-535 (Alabama Immigration Law) imposes conditions on the award of State contracts. Those requirements were effective January 1, 2012 for contracts receiving State funds. Proposers must agree to fully comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, as amended by the Immigration Act of 1990, and the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act. Architects and Engineers should review and adhere to these guidelines as appropriate to their project type. For additional information on this subject, please refer to the Alabama Building Commission’s bulletins.

Scope of Services: The successful firm will provide a complete design package to include (as defined by the Alabama Building Commission guidelines):

1. All design and engineering services required to complete construction documents for the new building.
2. Provide support required to facilitate bid advertisements, bid opening, and construction contract awards.
3. Conduct construction administration services.
4. Facilitate project close-out.
5. Provide other services as required by the owner.

Local and Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) Participation:
1. Preference is given for firms located in the State of Alabama. Firms located outside the state should incorporate significant local participation on the project team.
2. DBE participation is encouraged. Responding firms should identify all DBE entities on the project team.

Form of Response:
Responding firms should, at a minimum, provide the following information in their responses:
1. Detailed demonstration of Firm Qualifications as listed above.
2. Detailed information regarding Local and DBE participation as listed above.
3. Detailed resume of proposed project team leader / project manager.
4. Detailed resume of proposed consulting firms to be utilized on the project.
5. Fee will be based on Alabama Building Commission Fee Schedule. Responding firms should NOT include fee proposals with responses. This is a Qualification Based selection process and firms will be ranked based on their qualifications and not fees.

Responding Instructions:
1. Responses are due no later than Friday, January 11, 2019
2. Two printed and one electronic copy (USB Drive) of responses are required to be submitted. USB Drive shall be labeled with responding firm name.
3. Cover page of printed and electronic copies of the response must contain the email address of the responding firm’s primary point of contact.
4. Electronic response should be saved as a single PDF file.
5. PDF file name must clearly state name of firm and project – i.e. “Firm ABC – McCain Building Renovation”
6. All future communication regarding this selection will be via email. All responses must contain the email address of the responding firm’s primary point of contact on the cover page of the response.
7. Submit Responses to:

Snead State Community College
Attn: Mr. Joe Whitmore, V.P. Finance & Administration and CFO
P.O. Box 734
220 N. Walnut Street
Boaz, AL 35957

8. Respondents should be aware that proposals shipped via USPS can take several days to be delivered. Responses received after 5:00pm on the deadline date, regardless of delivery method, will not be accepted regardless of cause.
9. Firms should not contact any employee of Snead State Community College regarding this project.
10. All questions should be addressed to Mr. Joe Whitmore by email at:

Teams will be notified of shortlisting no later than January 15, 2019. It is anticipated that interviews for AE Selection will be held during the week of January 21-25.

No other information such as general firm marketing documents will be accepted at this time. In selecting the most qualified firm, Snead State Community College will be guided by the Manual of Procedures, 2001 Edition, prepared by the Alabama Building Commission.