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Pursuant to Alabama Act No. 2001-956, Auburn University seeks proposals from qualified professionals licensed in the State of Alabama to provide engineering services only for the district energy systems. These systems encompass the central chilled water, hot water, and steam systems. Equipment and systems include: chillers, boilers, piping, valves, pumps, motors, tanks, and metering.

Firms will also consult with the University in the analysis and design of the central chilled water, hot water, and steam infrastructure. The development/updating of the district energy system will work in support of the master plan on Auburn University’s campus in Auburn, Alabama.


Applicants will be selected on the basis of professional qualifications, successful experience with similar full services engagements, and overall technical capability/knowledge. Applicant firms must clearly demonstrate a considerable body of successful experience with the following:

• Similar sizes and complexities of District Energy systems
• Operation and Maintenance support
• Chilled Water system design
• Medium Temp Hot Water system design
• Steam system design
• Underground piping
• Technical knowledge of components used in district energy infrastructure
• Knowledge and application of codes, standards, and safety requirements required for installation, operation, and maintenance of district energy equipment
• Established quality control processes and procedures
• Capability to respond quickly to emerging issues and problems. Could be needed during regular business and off hours.
• Delivering fully integrated, typical and unique systems, in a functional, economical, and effective manner
• Planning, design, construction scope, schedule, cost management, document production, accurate and timely services
• Use of technical innovation to improve system performance, operation, reliability, and reduce cost
• Successful experience in working in a Construction Management (CM) delivery method where the CM assists during the design phase with cost management constructability reviews, bid packaging, and market cultivation.

Applicant firms must be currently registered in the State of Alabama and proof of registration must be provided.

Scope Description:

Services from the firm may include:
1. Review and analysis of existing district energy distribution equipment and associated infrastructure in terms of operations, loads, maintenance, and capacity.
2. Recommendations of future projects to be completed in support of system reliability and growth. This will include preliminary scope and budget estimates.
3. Designs for additions and improvements to the chilled water, hot water, and steam systems.
4. Review and analysis of district energy existing master plan.
5. Amendments to and/or development of updated master plan for district energy systems, consistent with the University Master Plan.


Interested firms must request, complete, and submit questionnaires provided by Auburn University.

Requests for questionnaires must be e-mailed or mailed to:

John McGuckin, Superintendent of Energy Plant Operations, 

Physical address and phone number: John McGuckin, 1161 West Samford Avenue, Auburn University, AL 36849.
Phone 334.844.9585.

Questionnaires must be received at the address above and received no later than 4:00 PM Central Time, on or before Friday April 20, 2018.

No other information such as firm marketing documents will be accepted at this time.

In selecting the most qualified firm, Auburn University will be guided by the Manual of Procedures 2001 Edition, prepared by the Alabama Building Commission.