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Pursuant to Alabama Act No. 2001-956, The University of Alabama in Huntsville is seeking proposals from qualified architectural and engineering firms to provide professional services for a Renovation and Addition to Morton Hall.

Description: Morton Hall was the first building constructed on the UAH campus, and as such, is one of the most visible and most used buildings on campus. Construction was completed in 1961 with an addition completed in 1977. Morton Hall houses the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as, Studio 106, a black box theater that operates as a venue for more experimental and avant-garde productions in an intimate setting.

This historical, iconic, building serves almost every undergraduate student attending The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Since its initial construction, the mechanical system and electrical systems have operated with only maintenance issues, and now at 56 years old, have exceeded their life cycle. The proposed renovation is intended to convert the dated building into a structure supporting today’s classroom technologies and distance learning while also meeting energy efficiency, along with upgrades for ADA compliance. It is anticipated the existing structure will remain intact, without exterior building appearance modifications and the new addition will be placed in such a manner not to detract from the original building. It is also anticipated that the structure will house, when completed, all offices, classrooms and labs for the College except Music and Art, which are located in adjacent buildings.

The site is located on the North end of campus. Future site enhancements include extension of campus Greenway in front of the building between Frank Franz Hall and Morton Hall. The 2016 campus master plan indicates Greenway expansion, although did not include the building expansion and can be located at the following website:

The building renovation and addition should provide a safe environment, be conducive to learning, and meet the current and anticipated enrollment growth of the University. Housed within this facility upon completion will be:
• Dean’s Office
• CAHS Academic Advising
• Communication Arts
• English
• Philosophy
• Political Science
• Psychology (including labs)
• Sociology
• World Languages and Cultures

Anticipated Project overall budget is approximately $24,000,000, with construction cost being approximately $20 million of this total. Anticipated timeline for project is document development and bidding timed to Board of Trustee meeting dates for stage approvals, with construction start on or about 1 September, 2018 and completion not later than 1 December, 2019.

Qualifications:The architectural and engineering professional teams shall hold a professional license and be registered in the State of Alabama. Firms with successful record of performance for buildings with similar character, firms with established experience working for University systems and firms with recognized design excellence should apply. Firms should exhibit experience in renovation work similar to required, along with new construction. Firms should contain expertise in:

• Civil Engineering
• Landscape Architecture
• Architecture
• Structural Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• AV Design and Data Systems

The University will appoint a selection committee who will select the most qualified firm as outlined in the Manual of Procedures, 2001 Edition, prepared by the Alabama Building Commission and following the guidelines of Board Rule 415 of the UA System.

Interested firms must submit qualifications, along with other relevant information providing overview of firm, consultants, experience for requirements of this project, ability to produce work in a timely manner, evidence of project cost control and budget accuracy and identification of all personnel to be involved. Submissions should be bound, contain no more than 50 sheets (25 if printed front and back), and be submitted with original and four (4) copies.

Submit responses no later than 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017. Interviews for shortlisted firms following this submission will be held October 11, 2017. Questions regarding the submittal should be submitted by email: Personal visits or telephone calls are discouraged. Submissions should be addressed to:

 Larrell D. Hughes, AIA, AUA
Senior Campus Architect
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
301 Sparkman Drive
PPB 110C
Huntsville, AL 35899
(256) 824-2538