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Pursuant to Alabama Act No. 2001-956, Auburn University seeks proposals from qualified professionals licensed in the State of Alabama to consult with the University in the: development of facility program requirements, overall phasing plan , the provision of basic architectural and engineering services for the New Poultry Research Facilities at the Charles C. Miller Jr. Poultry Research and Education Center.

Qualifications: Applicants will be selected on the basis of professional qualifications and successful experience with similar full service engagements. Applicant firms must clearly demonstrate a considerable body of successful experience with similar or closely-related facility types. Applicants must clearly demonstrate successful experience in delivering fully integrated facilities in a functional, economical and effective manner. Applicants must provide documented success in construction cost management, thorough, accurate and timely services and document production.

Project(s) Description: As a part of the 2005 North Auburn Masterplan Land Use Plan, the University established the strategic goal to relocate the College of Agriculture Poultry Research Farm Unit from the Auburn University Research Park to the North Auburn Campus. The Charles C. Miller Jr. Poultry Research and Education Center is a new comprehensive “farm” that, upon completion, will significantly advance the university’s standing as a global leader in poultry research, instruction and outreach.

These new poultry research facilities will be executed in phases. The current facilities planned to be built include the following programs: Multipurpose poultry houses, cage/aviary facility, battery house, chamber facility, hatchery, processing plant, breeder facility, necropsy lab, BSL-2 Necropsy Lab and support facility. These projects combined will construct approximately 80,000 gross square feet of industry-guided research space for the College of Agriculture’s Department of Poultry Science. Phases I and II of this relocation project have already been completed. The new projects will be constructed in four remaining phases, as described below:

• Phase III – Processing Plant
• Phase IV - Relocation of Poultry Barns and Other Buildings
• Phase V – Relocation of Poultry Barns and Other Buildings
• Phase VI – Demolition of Existing Farm at ARTF
Services from the design team will include:
1. Review and documentation of existing conditions and available documents.
2. Programming.
3. Full design services (A through E) as defined in the Alabama Building Commission Manual.
4. Each Phase may be separately documented and bid, at the discretion of the Owner.

Teams will be notified of shortlisting no later than December 15, 2017. It is anticipated that interviews for AE Selection will be held January 8, 2018.

Response: Interested firms must request, complete and submit questionnaires provided by Auburn University. Requests for questionnaires must be e-mailed to:
David Bess, Campus Architect at;
cc: Barrett Warren, Project Coordinator at 

Questionnaires must be returned via e-mail to the address above and received no later than 3:00 PM Central Time, on or before Monday, December 11, 2017. No other information such as firm marketing documents will be accepted at this time. In selecting the most qualified firm, Auburn University will be guided by the Manual of Procedures, 2001 Edition, prepared by the Alabama Building Commission.