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You may perform an automated search of the inspector database by typing in keywords and clicking "Search." (type % for all records)  You may search by Registration Number, Business Name, City, County, and Last Name of Inspector.

Business Name Business # Name Reg # County Address City St Zip Issue Date
Inspect Mobile, LLC251-295-7254Dinkins, Roy T.HI-4312MOBILE4557 Hillview DriveMobileAL366098/29/2018
Inspect Mobile, LLC251-295-7254Dinkins, Roy T.HI-4312BALDWIN4557 Hillview DriveMobileAL366098/29/2018
Inspect Mobile, LLC251-295-7254Johnson, DougHI-3074MOBILE4557 Hillview DriveMobileAL3660912/21/2017
Inspect Mobile, LLC251-295-7254Johnson, DougHI-3074BALDWIN4557 Hillview DriveMobileAL3660912/21/2017
Inspect Mobile, LLC251-295-7254Pierce, JonathanHI-4313MOBILE4557 Hillview DriveMobileAL366098/29/2018
Inspect Mobile, LLC251-295-7254Pierce, JonathanHI-4313BALDWIN4557 Hillview DriveMobileAL366098/29/2018

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