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All ABC documents and forms are available at the ABC’s Web site,

This appendix contains uniform documents and standard forms to be used by design professionals for projects supervised and administered by the Technical Staff. Uniform documents and standard forms to be included in the project manual are contained in Appendix C. The types of projects to which this appendix applies includes projects of:

  •  State Agencies & Departments

  •  Postsecondary Education

  • Public School & College Authority (PSCA)

  •  Alabama Building Renovation Finance Authority (ABRFA)

  •  Alabama Corrections Institution Finance Authority (ACIFA).

  •  Alabama Mental Health Finance Authority (AMHFA)

  •  Other "authorities" established by legislative acts to fund specific construction or improvement programs and which are assigned by the legislative act to the ABC for administration and supervision.

Below is a listing of the documents and forms contained in this appendix and where to refer in this manual for a discussion of each.

Standard Form                                                                        Reference

ABC Form B-1: Transmittal of Plan and/or Specifications          Chapter 3.B

i ABC Form B-2: Agreement Between Owner and Architect    Chapter 4

ABC Form B-2A: Standard Articles of the  Agreement Between Owner and Architect                                                                              Chapter 4

 ABC Form B-3: Checklist for Preparation of  Agreement Between Owner and Architect                                                                             Chapter 4G           

 i ABC Form B-4: Amendment to O/A Agreement                 Chapter 4D                    

ABC Form B-5: Sample Architect's Statement for Services      Chapter 4I

ABC Form B-6: Certified Tabulation of Bids (Sample)              Chapter 6E

ABC Form B-7: Checklist for Preparation/Approval of  Contract and Bonds                                                                                Chapter 7D

ABC Form B-8: Pre-construction Conference Checklist          Chapter 8E

ABC Form B-9: Project Data Form                                       Chapter 7D

ABC Form B-10: Statement of Field Observations                 Chapter 8D

ABC Form B-11: Change Order Justification                         Chapter 7H

ABC Form B-12: Change Order Checklist                             Chapter 7H

ABC Form B-13: Final Payment Checklist                            Chapter 7G

i Denotes forms for which substitute, PSCA versions are contained in     Chapter 9.